Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

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Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

One of my favorite things about reading is reading a book set in a place I know nothing about.  There are some great and truly amazing places out there (some of which I want to visit) so reading a book set in a certain place is a chance to visit a new place.  Here are some settings I’d love to see more!

  1. India.  I’ve read a couple novels that were set in India, and I was completely fascinated.  India made a great backdrop in both Shantaram and Tiger’s Curse- with the busy-ness of India in Shantaram, and the traveling all over India in Tiger’s Curse.  
  2. Pretty much any well-imagined world.  One of the best parts of reading is when an author creates this amazing world that you cannot stop thinking about.  Whether it’s Narnia, Hogwarts or Middle Earth, I love seeing authors come up with a world that’s a great escape from real life.

    Downtown Chula Vista- One Of My Favorite Places

  3. San Diego.  I get so excited when a novel I’m reading is set in San Diego, because it’s so cool to read a book where the local references make sense.  Like, I read a book called Night Walker last, and it was cool seeing the Gaslamp District and the San Diego mission, because those are places I’ve been, and don’t go to often enough.  It’s just cool when a book is set where you live and the places in the book are really familiar.
  4. Africa.  Anywhere in Africa is good with me but Ancient Egypt would be particularly interesting.  Such a fascinating place, so I really need to find some books set in Africa or Ancient Egypt.
  5. Athens, Greece.  One, there’s a lot of history in Greece, and with the Greek mythology re-tellings, you’d think it would show up as a setting a lot more.  And two, it looks so pretty in all the pictures I’ve seen.
  6. Rome.  I so want to go to Rome, partly because I’m fascinated with Rome, partly because I am dying to see the Vatican, and partly because there’s a lot of history there.
  7. Spain.  Because I’m thinking about having a novel set in Spain, so it’s on my mind right now.  And it would be interesting to see what authors do with Spain as a setting…especially historical fiction, but any time period will work.
  8. Asia, particularly in fantasy settings.  Cinder comes to mind (naturally).  And I’m reading this book, Eon, which is a YA fantasy.  It’s definitely not used enough in fantasy settings.  Like, I know fantasy and medieval European villages are BFF’s, but fantasy in a setting that’s not medieval Europe-esque would be a nice change.
  9. Wales.  Because you always see England, Scotland and Ireland as a setting but I have yet to remember reading a novel set in Wales.  Does no one care about Wales?  Also, Wales is the other possible location for the novel I mentioned in #5, so it’s on my mind as well.
  10. Oregon is going to round out the list.  I’ve been to Oregon!  It’s such a pretty state, and it just seems like a cool place to write about.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

  1. Italy is fantastic–I went there for 2 weeks before my senior year of high school. Unfortunately they were restoring the sistine chapel in the vatican when we went, so we didn’t get to see the entirety of it, but the vatican itself is just…amazing!

      • It really is–both its bigness and its smallness (considering it’s the world’s smallest independant state). The courtyard is HUGE, with the statues, and then you go into the Basillica and you just marvel at all of the *history* that’s taken place under its roof.

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