Book Review: Last Breath

Last Breath CoverBook: Last Breath by Rachel Caine

Published November 2011|Published by Penguin Group|368 pages|Purchased for my Nook

Series Or Stand-Alone: Morganville Vampires #11

Genre: YA: Paranormal- Vampires

Find out more: Goodreads|Barnes And Noble|Amazon|Rachel Caine’s Website Summary: Student Claire Danvers learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace. And after an uneasy encounter with Morganville’s latest resident, Claire is certain that the mysterious Magnus isn’t human. But is he a vampire-or something else entirely? One thing is clear: Magnus is to blame for the disappearances. And if vampires are turning into victims, what chance does a human like Claire have of stopping him?

My journey in Morganville is progressing quite well, and I thought Last Breath was easily the most interesting in terms of strange people and happenings in Morganville.

Amelie picking Morganville as the location of her town makes so much sense after reading this book.  I mean, Magnus, and only Claire can see him at first?  Crazy!  And there’s this major thing that happened that I don’t want to give away, but anyone who’s read Last Breath will probably be able to figure it out.  I mean, I wasn’t expecting it, but even that managed to work out in the end.  I wonder if there will be any repercussions for that…

Caine continues with multiple narrators, and we see chapters where Shane, Michael, Eve and Amelie are narrating.  It was really well-done, and I liked seeing everyone else’s thoughts on what was going on.  It’s too bad we don’t see Myrnin narrating in this book, so I’m hoping that if Caine continues with multiple narrators, Myrnin will get a chapter or two.

After reading this one, I’m definitely excited to read the next book.  And Eve and Michael getting married?  Definitely not going to happen, because Amelie won’t approve it, and both the vampire and human residents of Morganville aren’t happy with it.  I’m hoping that they get married, and I don’t want that story-line to just randomly go away…so hopefully it’s not the last we’ve seen of it.  With the Magnus plot, it’s understandable that the marriage half of the book would get dropped.

There are just SO MANY things I’m wondering about, mostly having to do with the event that I will not in this review.  Just…at this point, I’m certain that there are going to be consequences to what resolved that event (which really does make the title super-appropriate).  Something that’s been a constant is now different, so I just want to know what happens!

Final thoughts:

I loved Last Breath, and it’s definitely one of my favorite books in the series.  There’s so much going on, and it’s easier then normal to stay interested and keep reading.  Last Breath gets 5 stars.

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