Top Ten Books I Read In 2012

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Top Ten Books I Read In 2012

Since last week was all about my 10 favorite authors, I’ve decided to do 10 books not by those authors.  I really could have kept going with that list, so I’m definitely including the authors that almost made the list.  I’ve read a lot of great books this year, so narrowing it down to 10 was a little hard.  But I managed it…somehow…and it was painful.

  1. Rachel Caine.  She is not a book.  But I have LOVED everything I’ve read by her- whether it’s the Morganville Vampires, Outcast Season or the Weather Wardens, I am a fan for life!
  2. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.  I loved this book so much, and it’s such a great book.  I’m so glad I read it.
  3. The Iron Fey series.  I did read the Iron Fey last year, but I’ve read most of the series this year, which is why I’ve included it on this list.  It’s such a great series, and I’m definitely excited that the story continues with The Lost Prince series.
  4. A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray.  I need to read Beauty Queens and The Diviners, and I’m pretty sure that me wanting to read them is partly because of the Gemma Doyle series.
  5. Reason To Breathe/Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan.  It is not even funny how much I love this series, so to not include it would be completely horrible.  Once I started crying, I couldn’t stop, so be sure to have some tissues handy.
  6. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  Because not including it would be absolutely HORRIBLE.  And it is so awesome that awesome doesn’t even BEGIN to describe how good it is!
  7. Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg.  I loved this book, and how it focused on 4 different people at a performing arts high school. I couldn’t help but love Emme.
  8. My Life Next Door.  I just adored this book!  I loved how different Samantha and Jase were, but also how cute they are together.  I just loved how warm and open the Garretts were.
  9. A Mighty Long Way by Carlotta Walls LaNier.  It’s a great book and I cannot recommend it enough.  It really is a good reminder that things were different once…and that it wasn’t that long ago.
  10. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.  This is one of my favorite series, and it is so good!  I really liked Tally and Westerfeld did a great job with world-building and coming up with some great characters.

And the ones that almost made the list: Enough books to fill another list!  Stay tuned for round two!

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Read In 2012

  1. I have a copy of Pretties that’s been on my shelf for a while (picked it up at a fleamarket over the summer), so I really need to get Uglies so I can read it. 🙂
    LOVED the Gemma Doyle trilogy, it was so much fun to read. Libba Bray is one of my new favorite authors, for sure!

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