And We Have A (Rebellious) Winner!

Guess who “won” NaNo with 50,099 words?


I actually won!

I actually won!

So…I feel the need to explain the rebellious part.  I started out with the one about the two kids who were going to save their parents jobs.  But I started to not feel that one, so I started to write a different novel, that started off with a girl at a party…and wrote a lot more for that one, until I started to get bored with that one.

Then I decided I was going to use the time to get ahead with blogging.  Top 10 Tuesdays?  December and most of January is done…as are the next few weeks of Gilmore Girls episodes.

And then I decided that I need to do some free writing so that I could get back to noveling.  But then…I realized…free-writing worked out much better than that noveling thing.  Considering the blog posts and the free-writing was a good chunk of my word count, I have decided that makes me a rebel!  I am happy that I just wrote, because really, that’s the spirit of NaNo.  Even when I didn’t want to write anything…I came through in the end, even if it was unconventional.

In some ways, it wasn’t a good month in terms of noveling.  But in terms of just writing, I am glad I did write.  The 50,000 words is nice, but…sometimes, it’s just about letting go and writing about what I need and want to write, instead of writing what I think I should be writing.  I definitely need to be better prepared next year…with an idea that I’ve actually worked on for more than a week!

And congrats to everyone who did NaNo, whether you won or not!

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