Gymnastics Is Turning Me Into A Crazy Woman

I’ve been reminded of how much I love watching gymnastics the last few days, and I’ve noticed something.

It’s turning me into a crazy woman.

It’s entirely possible that I was already like this, and the crazy is just amplified by watching the Olympics.  But I’d like to blame it on gymnastics.

Vault.  OH.  MY.  GOD.  Completely speechless after MyKayla Maroney’s vault.  I’m curious as to what the deductions were, but it was a great vault.

I really liked the Romanians on beam.  Unfortunately, we only saw glimpses of the Romanians and the Chinese.  It’s too bad we didn’t see any of the other teams.  Seeing Great Britain once or twice would have been nice.  And Japan.  And whoever else competed.

Russia just fell apart on both beam and floor, and seeing them cry made me want to cry for them.  I really liked their leotards and the glitter in their hair.  What really did it was floor!  There are no words.  I cried.

That’s right, the seeing the U.S. win gymnastics team gold- for the first time since 1996- made me cry.  There was a lot of nervousness and excitement in wondering if it would happen.  (Of course it happened, I’d have been really surprised if it didn’t).  Lots of waiting while they posted the official score.  And then the jumping up and down screaming.  Then a happy dance.  And finally, crying.  It’s just so exciting!

All-around and event finals are coming up, and that will be exciting too.  I can’t wait!

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