Let’s Talk About Pottermore!

So, Chamber Of Secrets is officially open on Pottermore.  Kind of.  Technically, only the first 4 chapters are available, and according to the Pottermore blog, Chamber of Secrets is coming out in 3 installments.  I actually like that they’re releasing the book in sections.  I’m not sure why they are- it is possible remaining chapters are not ready to go- but I’m glad they are.  It’ll be a lot easier to go through it slowly, and maybe I’ll even have Chamber of Secrets in front of me while I’m going through Pottermore.

I was super-excited about Pottermore when I became a beta last summer.  I was really into it, and then got really bored, and pretty much forgot about it until I got the emails talking about the House Cup.  Honestly, once you got through Sorcerer’s Stone and made a few potions, there wasn’t anything to do.  Especially because duelling wasn’t up yet.  And because they kept extending the beta period.

They did add sound, which is a big improvement.  I think that was one of the biggest complaints from, well, everyone.  The artwork is still completely amazing.  The potions still take too long- anywhere from 30 minutes, up to 75 minutes (I think), depending on the potion.  But at least they shortened the times a little.  I hate that I can’t sell potions for galleons or something.  I don’t want to gift them, and if I’m going to spend an hour here and there brewing them, I’d like something besides house points.  I’m surprised they haven’t added more potions, but that could come later.

They added a noticeboard to all the common rooms, which is kinda cool, because it does have very general updates on what’s going on.  Like Chamber of Secrets being partially available, or when the house cup is ending.

Chamber Of Secrets, in 4 chapters, is a lot more interactive than (most of) Sorcerer’s Stone.  You get to de-gnome the garden, you get to use floo powder, and several other things, which is cool.  There is a fair amount of point-and-clicking, which is to be expected.  It’s very old-school J.K.R., but there does seem to be a better balance.

They did have an incentive for the House that won the House Cup- Slytherin got to see Chamber Of Secrets a full day before everyone else.  I like that they’re doing that, because it actually gives people a reason to participate and try to earn house points.

So far, the only new material is about the Malfoys.  I liked getting their backstory, and I’m sure we’ll get more as the series progresses.  I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, but it is pretty interesting.

There is something I’m wondering.  Like, the House Cup is cool and all, but what happens when all 7 books are out?  How are they going to keep it going when people have done everything they’ve wanted to?  More importantly, how are they going to keep people coming back?  As it is, there’s no reason for people to keep going back once they’ve gone through the books, and you can only brew so many potions and duel so many people.  I know I’m getting way ahead of myself here, but still.  What plans do they have for when Deathly Hallows is released?

Anyway, I hope we get to brew polyjuice potion, because that would be awesome.  And I’m sure they have something up their sleeve for the end of the book, when Harry goes into the Chamber Of Secrets.  I bet the Cornish pixies will be interactive.  They have to be, right?

That’s all for Pottermore…at least until the next section is released.

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