I know I’m deviating from my usual weekly post on music and podcasts.  But.  I need to talk about the Olympics.  They’re almost here!  Seriously, if I could watch the Olympics all day, I would.

Of course, I’m super excited about gymnastics, swimming and diving.  I’ll probably watch trampoline (yes, that is an actual event)  and volleyball.  Maybe equestrian, if I happen to catch it.  And probably track.  No more softball or baseball, which is sad.

I looked over the schedule, and had no idea what athletics was.  Apparently that’s what they’re calling track.  Seriously, you can’t call it track and field?  But the opening and closing ceremonies should be cool.  I doubt they’ll be able to top Bejing’s opening and closing ceremonies, but that is a really tough act to follow.

July 27th to August 12 will be a super fun time.  Plus, the Olympics are a great way to break up the boredom of summer.  And there will actually be something fun to watch.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the winter Olympics, so I don’t watch it to the extent I’ll watch the summer Olympics.

If anyone wants to check out the schedule for the Olympics, or to get your Olympic fix, check out the summer 2012 website.  You can be sure I’ll be talking about the olympics a lot!

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