Book: Fairies by Brian Froud and Alan Lee

Book Info: Published by Harry N Abrams; 200 pages; Hardcover; checked out from library

Summary (from Goodreads): Edited by David Larkin. Two talented artists explore the world of faeries in myths, legends, and folklore.

I am a huge fan of fairies, and I’ve seen Froud’s work before, so I thought I’d check this book out from the library.

I I loved the artwork, but I thought it would be mostly drawings with a little text.  There was a lot more text than I was expecting.  It is pretty interesting, to see all the different kinds of fairies and some of the stories about them.  There were some I had never heard of before, so at least I learned something new!

I thought it needed to be better organized- there was no table of contents, and it seemed to be a little random.  There were sections, but there didn’t seem to be much thought put into it.  Then again, this is one of those books that benefits slightly from minimal organization.

Overall, it gets a 3 out of 5.  I liked it, and the art was really pretty, but I wish the book focused more on the art, and less on the text.

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