Guenevere, Queen Of The Summer Country

Book: Guenevere, Queen Of The Summer Country by Rosalind Miles

Pages: 544 (Paperback)

Review: Guenevere, Queen Of The Summer Country is about Queen Guenevere.  She’s the last of a long line of queens who ruled the Summer Country, but when her mother dies, the only way to claim her mother’s throne is to marry King Arthur.

The only book about Arthurian legend was The Mists Of Avalon, which is one of my favorite books of all-time.  I was expecting something very similar to The Mists Of Avalon, so I suppose I was disappointed when this book didn’t live up to what I thought it would be.

I didn’t like this book as much as I thought I thought I would- in fact, I didn’t like it all.  While I like the fact that the book focused on Guenevere, I found her to be such an unsympathetic character.  It was clear that we were supposed to like her, and that she was this amazing, perfect woman, when, in fact, I thought her to be moody, naive, petty, and at times, desperate.

The characters were so different from what I expected.  Merlin was this crazy, sex-obsessed man, and I couldn’t figure out if he was a Druid or a Christian.  Arthur was weak, somewhat easy to manipulate, and had trouble making a decision without Merlin.  The way she painted some of the characters…they’re so very different from the actual legends.

The characters fell flat, and were pretty stereotypical/one-dimensional, and the storyline was fairly typical.  That being said, there wasn’t anything to really hold my interest.  Seriously, the most memorable parts of the book were the sex scenes, which made the book a little more smutty than I expected.  It’s classified as historical fiction, but nothing really felt historical- it seemed more like a really boring romance than anything remotely historical.  The pacing was awfully slow and I was really bored reading it.

Rating: 1 out of 5.  I just didn’t like it, and I’m not at all interested in reading the other 2 books in the trilogy.

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