Hold Still

Book: Hold Still by Nina LaCour

Pages: 230 (Hardcover)

My Review: Hold Still is about 16-year-old Caitlin, who is dealing with the suicide of her best friend Ingrid.

I went through it pretty fast, and it was really hard for me to put it down.  It was hard watching Caitlin struggle with her feelings of anger and guilt, and being the one left behind.  The only thing that Ingrid leaves Caitlin is one of her journals, full of drawings, letters and various journal entries that Caitlin reads over the course of the book.

Even though Ingrid is dead, you really felt her presence through her journal and through Caitlin’s memories, as well as the photographs that Caitlin take, and the photographs that Ingrid leaves behind.

It’s definitely a story of moving on, and that it’s okay to move on.  I thought LaCour did a great job of showing Caitlin’s feelings, and what she was going through.  I’ve never lost anyone to suicide, but I was a mess after my grandpa died.  I can’t imagine losing someone to suicide, but it can’t be easy.  LaCour did an amazing job showing the different emotions someone can feel after losing someone important.

I don’t usually comment on book covers, but I absolutely loved this one!  It has a teen girl on it, with one of the journal entries in the background, with a drawing on the upper left corner.

There was something about the book that reminded me of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.  I don’t know if it was the overall tone of the book, or the characters from both books, or what, but almost the whole book, I was reminded of Speak.  If you liked that book, or any other book by Laurie Halse Anderson, you’ll like this one.

Rating: 3.5 of 5.  It was simple, and somewhat fragmented, but overall, I liked it a lot, and found both Ingrid and Caitlin very relateable.  I could picture everything so clearly.

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