Book: Airhead by Meg Cabot

Pages: 340/Hardcover

My Thoughts: I love Meg Cabot, and I thought I’d read Airhead.  The title (and cover) intrigued me.  It’s about Emerson Watts, who dies after a tv falls on her.  Her brain gets transplanted into Nikki Howard, a teen supermodel.  Nikki just happened to have an aneurysm burst or whatever around the same time that the t.v. fell on Emerson, hence the brain transplant.  Emerson is a nerdy tomboy, and especially loves video games, which she always played with her best friend Christopher. 

It took Emerson a while to realize that her brain was transplanted in Nikki, since we see Emerson in the hospital right after the accident, and then the next thing we know, she’s awake, and everyone’s acting really vague.  It isn’t until Lulu (Nikki’s best friend) comes by and gets her out of the hospital that we discover Emerson’s brain is in Nikki’s body. 

Yeah, that part was a little strange, but I swear it’s not as convoluted as it sounds.  We don’t know exactly what’s going on, and then we go on this weird journey where Emerson clearly doesn’t want to be in Nikki’s body, but in order for her parents to not pay the $2 million in bills that are the result of the transplant, she has to keep up with Nikki’s contracts and endorsements. 

“Nikki’s” forgetfulness is explained as amnesia from hitting her head, and it was slightly entertaining to see Emerson in a supermodel’s body.  It was a pretty fast read, and I certainly liked Emerson.  But…while I like Meg Cabot, this definitely is my least favorite book I’ve read.  Mostly because of the whole brain transplant thing- it was definitely weird, especially with the huge contrast between Emerson and Nikki.

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5.  Like I said, the brain transplant thing was weird, but I really did like Emerson.  And the ending is rather abrupt too, which made me wonder what was going to happen.

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