Everyday Italian

Book: Everyday Italian by Giada De Laurentiis

Pages and Format: 255/Hardcover

My Thoughts: Since I checked this out from the library, I only had time to make a few of the recipes, all of which were really good!  Plus, there’s a few more I wanted to try, but I didn’t get the chance.  It’s definitely something I want to buy when I get the chance.  Or maybe I can just check it out from the librayr another time.  The recipes I did make were interesting: lots of fresh herbs and veggies!  I managed to not hurt myself while chopping the vegetables up, which is a miracle.  And washing/rinsing and then chopping them the second I got home from the grocery store is a really good idea!  It made everything go a lot faster knowing that everything was ready to go. 

Plus, I love the simplicity of the recipes: I did have some trouble finding some of the fresh herbs at the grocery store, but thankfully it was really easy to substitute them with the ones I could find. 

Rating: Based on the few things I managed to make, it gets a 4 out of 5.  I love the easy-to-follow recipes, and the layout of the book.

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