Gilmore Girls 2×16: There’s The Rub

There’s The Rub originally aired April 9, 2002.  This episode was written by Sheila R. Lawrence and was directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We open this episode with Lorelei and Rory at the diner, where there’s a lot of construction going on.  Lorelei gets a phone call from Emily, who has a certificate for a weekend at a nearby spa.  Lorelei makes it sound so good that Emily decides to go with Lorelei, since it’s good for 2 people.

Rory will be alone for the weekend, and we see Rory at Chilton, where Paris is upset that she got an A- on an assignment or a test.  Rory has plans, but she offers to help Paris after their quiz the following week.  Lorelei and Emily check in at the spa while Rory tells Dean she wants to be alone because she can eat Indian food and do laundry exactly the way she likes it.  Rory is worried that Dean is mad, but he says he’s more confused than anything else.

Emily is starting to annoy Lorelei, who goes into a quiet room in order to get some peace and quiet.  Rory is doing laundry and is ordering Indian when Paris comes over.  Rory says she can only study for an hour when Jess arrives with a care package from Luke.  She invites Jess to eat with her and Paris, while Lorelei and Emily get ready to go out for dinner because tofu isn’t appealing to them.

A guy is checking out Emily, while Paris, Jess and Rory have this conversation about Jack Kerouac and Jane Austen.  Dean calls because he’s on his way over to say hi in person, and arrives to find Jess leaving.  Dean is mad, and pretty much yells at Rory because she lied to him about wanting to be alone.  Rory is trying to explain, but can’t seem to get the words out.  Paris says it’s because she saw Jess at the diner once and wanted Rory to set something up.  Dean apologizes for yelling while Rory tells him it’s justified.

Emily dances with the man who was checking her out and ends up leaving because she practically cheated on Richard.  She blames Lorelei for letting them eat at the bar and says Lorelei kept pushing it even though Lorelei says they were having a good time and weren’t fighting.  It’s not how Emily wanted to act in front of her daughter, so they decide to leave the spa early.

They talk about how Lorelei and Rory are best friends first and mother and daughter second, while Lorelei and Emily are mother and daughter always.  Emily talks about how she was taught to be a role model to her child and not best friends with her child.  They steal the robes in their rooms as a way to bond before going home.

At the diner, Lorelei and Rory talk about the spa and everyone coming over.  Rory goes to pay while Lorelei is heading out to do some stuff.  She thanks Luke for the care package, but he has no clue what she’s talking about.  Rory asks Jess about it, and we learn Jess lied about Luke sending it over.  Lorelei sees Dean outside, and tells him Rory didn’t want Jess there and that she wouldn’t lie about wanting him there.


There are a couple things I wanted to talk about.  First, the talk Emily and Lorelei have at the end of the episode.  We frequently see how different the relationships are between Lorelei and Rory and Lorelei and Emily.  And even the relationship between Rory and Emily.  So it was nice to see that Emily does want a relationship with Lorelei.  It was also nice to see how Lorelei and Emily have different approaches to parenting and what Emily learned.  And how Lorelei wanted her and Rory to have a different relationship than the one Lorelei had with Emily.

And now we go to Dean, who is so dang frustrating!  I don’t get why he’s so convinced Rory was lying, because technically, she was home alone until Paris and Jess came over unexpectedly.  I also think Dean should be apologizing to Rory because she didn’t ask Jess to come over and Rory just wanted to do the nice thing and invite Jess to have some food.  He’s definitely possessive and most certainly jealous.  I get he doesn’t like Jess and that he doesn’t particularly like Rory and Jess hanging out, and it’s really starting to seem like Dean feels threatened by other guys who show an interest in Rory.  Granted, there’s not much to go on, since we only have Tristan and Jess as examples, but I’m kind of thinking Dean needs to tone it down a little.  Also, Rory not lying…I’m not sure what to say about that, so I’m just not going to say anything.

Pop Culture:

I wasn’t really paying attention to pop culture, and other than realizing the beat writers and Jane Austen being the only ones I have notes on, I have nothing!

Favorite Moments:

Lorelei and Jess telling Rory to burn the house because she ordered Indian food

Episode Rating:

I’m wavering between liking it and thinking it was an okay episode, but the Emily-Lorelei talk about mother-daughter relationships and the Lorelei-Dean talk at the end were particularly interesting.  There’s The Rub gets 3 mugs of coffee.


2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 2×16: There’s The Rub

  1. I didn’t know you did Gilmore Girls recaps! LOVE that series! Lorelai’s attitude in this episode totally cracked me up.

    Totally a side note: if you like pop references books, you should check out The Local Color by Jennifer Brightside on Amazon. gave me Rory flashbacks the whole time.

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